How do you usually deal with your anger and loneliness?

I get rid of my anger, or at least give it a place, by running. I normally run about 10k, three times a week. Indoor I run with music, outdoor with Filippa, my dog. Running helps a lot to get rid of bad energy and it orders my head.

Loneliness is a -very- different thing. The heart is a lonely hunter as the saying goes. Being lonely is very much part of being human. Humans are very group depending individuals. I call it the human paradox. We would like to belong to a group but we never do, can, want &/or will totally. I use this paradox a lot in my work. It fuels it.

On a personal level, I love to work alone. I need lots of private time, but sometimes the joy of being by myself is quite burdensome. It sometimes all feels so useless. Putzing on things, working on art. And then loneliness knocks on my door.   And when I feel very lonely, I get depressed. Seeing friends then is not my solution. I look at art & read books. It makes me feel wholesome & more connected with my surroundings. But it is hard to shake off the feeling of the uselessness of life... Or at least the life that is mine.


Have yourself ever flown to the moon to get your love?

Oh yes I did! And I can tell you it is a very satisfactory, lucky adventure that still goes on.  




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