10 Mar.
3.10 - 100,000 People's Words

dance | Ikko Suzuki
sound | Kirara Kawachi

photo: Daito Noken

In the early morning of March 10th, 1945, eastern Tokyo was heavily bombed by the US air force. More than 100,000 people were killed that morning, most of victims were elders, women, and children.

Not many buildings survived the bombs- one of the very few exceptions is this old storage. Now it's called gallery ef- it stands here in Asakusa since then.

After that, Japan is fortunate to have nothing to fall on us from the sky- except rains- But in the world, there are civilians suffering with the fall of bombs everyday. Tokyo Bombing tells us the story- story we should share with the world. A dancer Ikko Suzuki will collaborate with the voices of survivors collected and edhited by Kirara Kawachi in the gallery ef on March 10th. It would be a night to share the moment that happened 62 years ago.