8 - 31 August
12:00-21:00 (31 Aug. at 17:00) | closed on Tuesdays | entrance free

Sky, Earth and Mankind
video installation

sponsored by NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

Kin Taii is a Chinese born artist who's work expresses the inner world of humans and a sense of sympathy with nature through the artistic media of music, video art, drawing, and space installation. In recent years he has held exhibitions and concerts themed on Taoism and dragon belief at multiple linked spaces. Kin Taii's work unfolds the meaning of Asian belief through his artistic approach and communication with his audience.

In 2003 Kin Taii visited Yunnan Province of China and recorded the folk songs of the Naxi people living in the highlands at 3,000 meters. The Naxi live in deep nature and sing songs to express their pure emotion. Kin Taii has combined their songs with western music such as techno and ambient, and has released several CDs. Through his experience with the Naxi, Kin realized that it is not possible to cut human expression off from the land and climate. Therefore he visited the former Manchuria area in northeast China to trace his own roots.

In the Manchuria area traditional language and culture have almost vanished. The last remaining shamans mediate between the human world and the invisible world through traditions that they have learned from their ancestors. The music of the Manchuria people, its rhythm and tone are based on triple repeats. The number "three" is significant to the Manchuria people and it is said to represent; "sky", "earth" and "mankind". Kin Taii recognized the possibilities of making art through his meetings with shamans who play traditional music and express themselves with the feeling of the energy of nature.

Kin Taii's exhibition, "Sky, Earth and Mankind" will be held at gallery ef from August 8 until 31 . His work will express the energy that circulates between sky and earth. Gallery ef is a storehouse made of clay that was built 140 years ago. It is a power spot that has miraculously survived the Great Kanto Earthquake, Tokyo Air Raids and urban development during the bubble economy. Gallery ef invites and welcomes artists and their audience. In the summer of 2008 Kin Taii's installation of sky and earth will resonate in harmony with the space at gallery ef and unite with the silent stream of time.