A Festival Month of Music!
Gallery éf presents, "Forest under The Moonlight vol.8"
in December 2009

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art work | Susanne Ring (C)

schedule | December 2009

19 Sat.
18:00 SOLD OUT
TSUGARU Shamisen + Japanese folk song

3,000 Yen + 1 drink 500 Yen

TSURU to KAME: Katsuaki Sawada + Shigeri Kitsu

LINK: Shigeri Kitsu
gone event

3 Thu.

Toshio Miki (tenor sax)
Shin Kamimura (bass)

LINK: Toshio Miki

LINK: Shin Kamimura

5 Sat.
14:00 SOLD OUT | 18:00 SOLD OUT
reading (in Japanese only)

Banjo Ginga (voice actor)

(C) Aoni Production Co., Ltd.

6 Sun.
18:00 SOLD OUT
ethnic instruments




LINK: Gyouten

LINK: Percussion Hana

12 Sat.
SATSUMA Biwa lute, dialogue (in Japanese only)

Kakushin Tomoyoshi (SATSUMA Biwa lute)
Osamu Hashimoto (author)

photo: Hisako Ohkubo

13 Sun.
18:00 SOLD OUT
traditional Indian music

3,000 Yen + 1 drink 500 Yen

Aki Ueda (sitar)
U-zhaan (tabla)

photo: Seizo Terasaki
LINK: Aki Ueda

LINK: U-zhaan


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