TSUKUBA Family Group
"Sentimental Journey"
clinical art and the Alzheimer's patient

@ cafe wall

Wed. 15 MAY– Sun. 2 JUNE 2013
12:00 – 24:00 ( -22:00 on Sundays)
closed on Tuesdays


One day, our family member became demented, and while we support their inner conflict, we found ourselves facing our own weakness.
The future, where we supposed to live with the partner, was suddenly closed in dark, and it brought us a feeling of isolation and despair.
That was the time we meet the "Art Therapy" .
At the Art Therapy, patients can share the same experience together with their family and can feel very relaxed on the same table.
He (she) enjoys creating their own art, and their partner also could leave their anxiety aside and just focus on what they are doing.
Through this exhibition, we would like to send you a message that our world is not useless but have a little hope in every moment.
This is our humble challenge and the messengers are our members from "Tsukuba no Kai", who have committed to the work for 12 years.
We proud each of them became an unique artist, and now even grow their own world.

The first step to discover the new world.
"Sentimental Journey"....
Let us escort you.


hosted by TSUKUBA Family Group (Tsukuba no Kai)
in collaboration with
Dr. Takashi Asada (Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba, psychiatry)
Dr. Hachiro Ikeda (Ikeda Hospital director)
directed by Tsugio Nabeshima (The Institute of the Formative Art, Co., Ltd)

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