28Apr. 1997 open

28 Apr. - 19 May
Eriko Mitsuhashi


Eriko Mitsuhashi

11-22 May
Hideki Shiozawa
The Himalayas - Mountains, Wind and People

Professional Photographer, Hideki Shiozawa has travelled in Nepal and India. He took hundreds of photographs over there. He focused on ordinary people's lives. He printed a large format photograph of" The Himalayas by moonlight". During this exhibition, a live performance was held by the flute player Un-ryu and a jazz band.

18 Jul.
Fukagawa Baron Club
Balinese Gundel Live Performance

25 Aug.
Unryu + Kazue Tajima
Native American Flute + Sho (Chinese Fiddle)

RAKUSO opening show
Japanese KIMONO & Accessories

Acsessaries for traditional Japanese clothes was exhibited.

10 Oct.
The voice of soil, wood and bamboo
Native American Flute

During live fluet concerts Un-ryu plays several kinds of flutes, such as the native American Flute , the soil flute, the bamboo flute and others. "I just want to communicate with everything in nature like talking to humans. I just wanted to make a sound by the free movement of my fingers. So I started playing the flutes freely. I traveled the world across time and space. I express the things I felt. I can listen to the sounds that I couldn't listen to. I just want to feel something. So I keep playing the flutes."

12 Oct.
Kakushin Tomoyoshi + Kin Taii
SATSUMA lute + visual

29 Oct. - 11 Nov.
Kimiaki Ishizuka
Only Night Dream is Truth

doll + photograph

Kimiaki Ishizuka had been making dolls of jazz players. After he saw the gallery, he started making dolls of old Japanese authors, such as Ranpo Edogawa, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, Kafu Nagai and kyouka Izumi . He also took pictures of these dolls at the places related to the authors' background. He displayed both dolls and photographs.

work : Kimiaki Ishizuka

3-8 Dec.
Midori Asaoka
Kisekae PARTY


This installation was made by the sculptor, Midori Asaoka. To search for new communication by wearing and taking off clothing The space was filled with used clothes and visitors could take anything by exchanging it with their own clothes. Because of this, the installation changed day by day. The scenery was recorded by photograph.