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FROM ABOVE brings together several of Paule Saviano's photographic exhibitions working with survivors of the atomic bombs; the Tokyo and Dresden fire bombings and the Bikini Incident. Portraits of the survivors are accompanied by brief accounts of their recollections of the events and their subsequent reflections on the subjects of war and nuclear power.


I hope we will not forget those who lost their lives because of war or the survivors who had their lives changed forever. It is important we learn from the past. To avoid making the same mistakes today is a task for every one of us living under the same sky.


FROM ABOVE is Paule Saviano's photography project. The main idea of this project is to meet and photograph atomic bomb survivors and fire bombing survivors.
The portraits were showed in Tokyo(2009), Nagasaki(2010) and Germany(2011). Not only the subjects but many young people visits his exhibition and the voices from the survivors are steadily passed down to the next generation by his works.

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Paule Saviano has been snapping photographs since he was 12 years old. A New York native, he started a career as a photographer after graduating American University. He settled firmly into portrait photography. He photographed many artists such as Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Bjork and AC/DC to name a few. His most recent project is FROM ABOVE which started in 2008.
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NOTE size:26cm×26cm×3p
256page / comes with book sleeve
written in Japanese and English
※book with German translation is available


"With gratitude to life, I live my life as strongly as I can.
And for the sake of people who were forced
to end their lives at that moment,
it is my role to make the world go around."

Hisayo Yamashita

©Paule Saviano