Paule Saviano photography exhibition "FROM ABOVE" [Hiroshima]
venue | "Kiwokunosaisei" Building, in front of Hiroshima PARCO

FRI. 15 - SUN. 17 2012
12:00-20:00 entrance free

produced by Koto
in collaboration with

supported by Gallery ef, Asakusa

FROM ABOVE brings together several of Paule Saviano's photographic exhibitions working with survivors of the atomic bombs; the Tokyo and Dresden fire bombings and the Bikini Incident. Portraits of the survivors are accompanied by brief accounts of their recollections of the events and their subsequent reflections on the subjects of war and nuclear power.

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Tsukasa Watanabe [Nagasaki]/ Haruyo Nihei [Tokyo]/ Lieselotte Jakob [Dresden]/ Senji Yamaguchi [Nagasaki]/ Shuntaro Hida [Hiroshima]/ Suzuko Numata [Hiroshima]/ Matashichi Oishi [Bikini]/ Hideto Sotobayashi [Hiroshima]/ Setsuko Thurlow [Hiroshima]/ Tomiko West Morimoto [Hiroshima]

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image of the venue (created by Project NOW!):


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SUN. 17 June 2012
open 14:30/ start 15:00
admission: 1,500 Yen + 1 drink

Erika Abiko (Project NOW!)

Koto: bamboo flutes
Kimie Sakaki: seventeen-stringed Japanese harp