We are honored to have you here again with your new film! How comes that it was chosen to be premiered in Japan?

No, it is me who is honored to have the opportunity to have two related shows in Japan again. I am very happy to premier the 'Gay Squirrel & The Tale/Tail Of The Cat On The Moon' film & show here at Gallery éf & at studio J in Osaka. Thank you so much for having me!

Japan has a very developed visual culture where language & symbols are mixed into each other. Who am I to explain, you know that better than I do! One example though; the metro seats for the disabled, the older or pregnant women. It is shown with simply but very communicative pictograms where these people have priority to sit over other travelers. So simple, so clever. Of course this approach needs a public that can read these kinds of signals. I think Japanese are very good at this. It is part of your culture. Hence Manga. Further, Shinto is everywhere in Japan. But not only. Also in many day-to-day objects Japanese people like to see an anima, a soul. So a soda bottle has a smiling face.

In more Western cultures giving anima to objects or see the divine in for example plants, animals or even stones is seen as childish. Adult Japanese people -still- understand that a squirrel 'can' be gay & has a searching soul.

Within my work I look for the inner soul of things. I give character, anima & new life to things that in the West are considered dead of soulless. For these reasons, it came natural to me to start in Japan.




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