Did you have this story in your mind since long ago? Or did it come together with the film idea?

I am a storyteller by nature. I have many stories in my head. They just pop out, everywhere, all the time.

Some of the film characters where there already for a long time*. Like the tailless cat that lives on the moon but also the devil with his multi branched nose. Both characters were already lurking in and around my work. Part of the story was too. So when the idea of Gay Squirrel started to take shape, everything just grew together with the idea of making a new animated film.

* I do have a tailless cat doll. It is a knitted cat I got when I was 3 years old and which travels with me all around the world. It is all I need to make any hotel room mine. And I always loved squirrels. I even have had a squirrel period. A whole, long year I drew only squirrels and I wanted to be a squirrel. I was 4. My parents were a little worried.




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