How does GS reflect yourself? Has he been always with you in your life?

Of course! Every artist -even the most abstract or conceptual one- works from within, from his or her own starting point. Maybe you get over yourself during the process of the work but it is very hard to avoid yourself, to not include yourself at least a little bit within the work. And probably that is a good thing.

Gay Squirrel has always been a part of me. From my childhood drawings via -for example an embalmed squirrel with a Mickey Mouse hat with the title 'Self Portrait As A Squirrel'- to this film. There were also some squirrels in my exhibition 'Forgotten' at Gallery éf, two years ago and at my exhibition 'Secret Garden' at studio J four years ago.

A squirrel is a quick legged, slightly nervous not too clever mouse with a furry tail. I indeed indentify myself with that.

But all this said, my parental house did not smell like old nuts & neither did it have a cuckoo clock. I was not kicked out of the family tree. At a certain point I decided to step out myself. And as far as I know I never met the devil.

The story & the characters contain many elements that could have happened easily to me or are a part of me. As it happens & as it is to many -homosexual- people.




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