How long did it take to complete the film? I see IT IS A LOT OF WORK!

Yes, it was quite a lot of work. I cannot tell how much time exactly, because when I work on projects, I do not look at the clock, nor count the days. And, I did not do it all alone. I have had some extraordinary people helping me out. The photography, the montage, the voice & the voice recording... I got help from very supportive people and I couldn't have done it without them. But let's say a few months to make the set, film the scenes and montage the film...


At the same time, it must be rewarding that you can keep your detailed work and whole figure of installation, which are mostly gone after a show, in the film. Is that one of the reason you enjoy working for film?

In animation I have the opportunity to combine & get together many works & thoughts. That is why my animations are so full of detail. Every time you see one again you find something new. Even I do.

Film is in a very rewarding way to tell a story. It is very complete. You can lead the spectator in every direction you want. Make the mood so to say. Of course there is a danger in this. I like to give my spectator lots of space to fill in his or her interpretation of the story. Like in my installations, drawings & other works.

This freedom of interpretation was more difficult in Gay Squirrel because I used a voice over, a narrator. My other films are without text. I tried to avoid being to directive by not using music & keeping the background special effects as much down as possible. Fortunately, the narrator, Mr. Bradley Seymour, has a very mesmerizing voice. I think it gives you enough liberty to pick up different elements in the visuals and to dream away while watching.

So yes, film preserves a lot of my work that will be gone after the exhibitions.




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