It must be joyful to work with gadgets, taking them again out of the film, and create another installation around the film. Is this one of your approach to invite us to embrace (touchable) your work?

Yes it is. But also because I wanted create an interpretation of a commercial film, Hollywood style. So not only a film, but also gadgets, posters & yes, even a gigantic main character. And yes the making itself is very joyful. As an artist you work a lot with your head & sometimes you forget the simple joy of the making.


Gigantic stuffed GS and TC are awesome. How comes you thought of that extreme size?

Thank you. I wanted to dwarf the spectator. A gigantic Gay Squirrel & a huge Tailless Cat that start a relationship are very hard to ignore. It is right in your face, but still in my own style. And it fitted very well with my film theme presentation. It makes you want to cuddle the main characters.




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