You told me, that it is kind of "confronting" having this theme -being gay- in your work for the first time. Please tell us your "confrontation" that you've been through in this project. How has the process been like?

I am born gay. I never doubted this. It is very much part of me, like the colour of my eyes, all my flaws & talents. Of course one's sexuality is a very intimate thing. Sexuality is -in general- a thing that causes embarrassment in people. At least in the western world. Not to speak of homosexuality. You do not share your (homo)sexuality with other people when you grow up. You can even -try to- hide it from people. In puberty I realized my sexuality was different from my friends. I found it difficult accepting myself as an outsider more than the fact that I am gay. Most gay people do have a stage in their life like this. Then I grew up & over it. And actually I became very comfortable with being gay.

So the confronting part is not the fact that I am gay or I share it with the outside world -I think it is kind of clear just by seeing me- but the fact I am using it in my work. I know it comes natural for lots of other artist to use their sexuality in their work, but I always thought of it as not so interesting or fitting with the themes I handle. But that changed with a pushy Gay Squirrel in my mind that wanted to get out. It is in a way like coming out yet another time, in another field. It is interesting what is does to me. I like it.




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