Could you tell us about some metaphors and symbols in the film?

There are many bigger & smaller symbolisms & metaphors in the film. Again, I hope the spectator will give his or her own interpretation to those. But to get you started I will mention a few.

First of all there is the closet. In many languages you say 'coming out of the closet' when a person admits, tells he or she is gay. Unfortunately, as a homosexual, you have to come out of the closet many times in your life. So Gay Squirrel starts his life in the closet and only when he is willing to get to his desired Tailless Cat he comes, literally, out of the closet.

Another example is the Devil & his co-Devils. They have multi-branched noses which refers to Pinocchio of course. I suppose the Devil is an even bigger teller of lies then the wooden boy. The Devils in my story have also the smile -or better smirks- of Mr. Berlusconi, the current prime minister of Italy. I think he tells many a lie but not that he is the Devil. So the devil borrows Mr. Berlusconi's smile, just because it such good smirk. Like for many politicians a subject is only interesting when it involves consolidating or gaining power. So in the end the Devil sends Gay Squirrel to the city. Gay Squirrel is not helping the Devil building his power. There is no sin in being gay, there is no need for the Devil to keep Gay Squirrel in Hell.

Then for there is Anger. That is of course not an outside person, but something in you. I made it a rolling, dark, multi armed thing because it is so hard to control anger, to give it the right place. I placed it outside Gay Squirrel to make it visible.

I used the cuckoo clock because it is a very bourgeois. It stands for small minded morality, ticking away the do's & do not's of closed thoughts.

The last one I will give is the Tailless Cat who living on the moon. So Gay Squirrel has to reach for the moon to get him... An almost impossible desire & task.




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