open 19:00 start 19:30 Wed. 20 May 2009

improvising story and sound
Shinji Ishii (author) + Kakushin Tomoyoshi (SATSUMA Biwa lute)




19:30 Thu. 4 June 2009

Shigeri Kitsu solo live vol. 4
Japanese folk songs


Shigeri Kitsu presents Japanese folk songs such as love songs, lullaby, festive songs, work songs, etc., rooted in regional communities from south to north of Japan.
These simple songs portray season's scenery, respect for nature, celebration and sorrow to everyday life, and the emotional attachment to the region.
Her expansive "Japanese Voice" passionately evokes us original Japanese landscapes and rhythms.

Voice and Japanese drum, absolute acoustic.
guest | Kasumi Watanabe, 25 strings Koto player

Although all songs are sung in Japanese, you don't need language skill to enjoy this event :)



15:00 / 19:00 Sat. 27 June 2009

Kakushin Tomoyoshi | SATSUMA Biwa lute
hanaichikan vol.29

ticket | 3,500 Yen + 1drink 500 Yen

Admission limited to 25 each, reservations by email required.
Booking will close as soon as tickets run out.
How to purchase tickets

Kakushin Tomoyoshi
(C) Shinchosya

Osamu Hashimoto
(C) Hisako Ohkubo

"hanaichikan" is a serial cultural lesson (lecture + playing) being held at each season.
The Chapter 7 "Dialogue on Japanese Classics" invites the author Osamu Hashimoto to explore what traditional music reflects us today.
(45 minutes dialogue + 15 minutes music)

chapter 7
Dialogue on Japanese Classics vol.1
"Kosui Nokkiri"

hanaichikan archive and info about the instrument >>

You need Japanese language skill to enjoy this event :(



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