I think among your works, two projects “RAW” and “passage” are remarkable. Would you tell me how did you find the theme and come true the project?



Both projects were developed while I was a research fellow in the Human Connectedness group at Media Lab Europe in Dublin. My research interests' have been for a while centered on the themes of cultural identity and relationships. The projects RAW and Passages both somehow address those themes but in different ways. With RAW, I started the concept with wondering how the Western-African country, Mali, and its culture, its history, its society could be better known to a foreign audience.

"RAW" showed the daily life of Mali.

With Passages, it wasn't as clear. I knew I wanted to use body movement and traces, in reference to Walter Benjamin's essay on the transformation of Paris in the 19th century as an urban platform for modernism. The way I came through in both cases and actually most of the time is by brainstorming a lot, getting people's feedback, developing the concept with the constraints of design and technology and mostly collaborating with very bright people who help make a better project at the end.

On "passages", shadows connected two venues.





Human Connectedness group at Media Lab Europe