The impression of your works is very delicate and human friendly on communication. On the other hand, you also proposed the big DJ club event such as “VJing”. How do you make a balance of these two different types of project?



It's a question mostly of opportunities, I like challenges. VJing is a lot of fun and is actually a very good way to connect directly to an audience, in this case a massive one, but it doesn't make the works less delicate. What Raphaël - my Superficiel partner - and I projected during this event are among others videos that depict people swimming, or covered with sugar, or looking at a stunning view of Paris. It's maybe not the typical graphics you can see at clubbing events but that's also why we were asked to do this event. It's because we offer something "strange" or unexpected.

On the club event "VJing", Joelle tried to communicate with big audience.

At this event we also asked the audience to send SMS that were projected back with typographic and color effects - typically, this is a playful interactive experience where the audience has quasi-immediate feedback and hopefully for a moment from their little spot in the dark they can also address the entire crowd and maybe feel connected to everybody, while at the same time, dancing crazy.