I seldom see female multimedia artists using computer and digital tools. Also you have your own viewpoint toward the multimedia art and interactive art, and try to challage the issues that interactive works seldom approach. Do you realize the connection between your own viewpoint and gender difference ? Or do you think that you have skeptical viewpoint about the current scene of multimedia art ?



I never wondered what was my gender's influence on my work or tried to force a political view upon it. But don't get me wrong. I'm very much aware I am a woman, and that the visibility of women in the interactive art field isn't great - I'm actually working on a project to improve the situation, at least in France. But if there was a gender's influence, I would related it generally to my family's background and education. I grew-up uncertain of my abilities and shy, and in a men's competitive world, this can definitely become a handicap that I carry with me until now. 
One of my earliest work - Palpitations - addressed sexual relationships and attempted to give a particular echo to women's points of view. But surely, the variety of experiences makes it hard to assign an attitude to a gender. I prefer to look at the impact of girls' education and the stereotypes they face all their lives.