Your experiece in Japan gave birth to the new work “ABSTRACT” . Please tell me impression about Japan.  Also please tell me a little about how you find the theme of "ABSTRACT".



I went twice to Japan so far. As soon as I got out of Narita Airport the first time, I felt like "a fish in the water" as we say in french. It felt very easy and soothing to be here. I don't know the Japanese language unfortunately but it has never been an obstacle to communicating with people, I never felt "lost in translation", even though I did encounter some frustrations. But for me, those are the frustrations you generally encounter while travelling - sometimes you just wish you'd be in your home's comfort - I had that in Spain and in England and it didn't help much more that I'd spoken spanish or english. What interests me is to see that when the language is not there, amazing communication can still happen and I met this way many people in Japan that have marked my memory. 
The theme of Abstract was derived from a conversation I had with a friend who's landscapist - we talked about the Japanese garden being a place where a balance between opposites was seeked: smooth and rough, noisy and silent, dark and bright, concealed and disclosed... something very strong got triggered in my mind and I just wanted to explore this intuition.

First sketch of "ABSTRACT"