Please tell me future projects after exhibition in Japan. And also please tell me your aim of your activity as an artist.



After this exhibition, I will work on a new project that explores the confusions between private and public environments: some people advocate against new technologies when they seem to threaten our "privacy". But the notion itself of "privacy" is very young - in a very rough shortcut, you could link the emergence of its modern meaning in France for instance with the Revolution that freed people from being subjects of the King. So, in general, I'm interested to look at the perception of what we consider OK to be public, and what we want to keep private and how technologies made these considerations evolve through time and if there's a limit to have.

On the concept design of Italian Telecom in 2005, Joelle dealt with idea of the private and public space.


Another subject that I have at heart is immigration and borders control: France just elected a president that is quite fierce on illegal immigration and is obsessed with hunting down and sending back the "sans-papiers" (people without French identity documents) where they came from. I'm working on finding a simple way for people to retrieve individuals' stories instead of looking at them as a threatening alien group for society. If you can distinguish the individuals from the group, put names on their faces, know the story of their lives, at least you treat them as humans.
I just like to challenge what is taken for granted and see what experience can come out of it. I don't know if that makes an aim for an artist but at least along the way I make the best encounters.