One of the main themes of your art is the thing "forgotten". How did you reach this theme? Do you remember a certain point that you became to be conscious about this theme?



At a very young age I realized that the world was not made up by the stars and the best but actually by the ones who come second.
Growing up in the shadow of a very sporty, handsome a-few-years-older loving brother who was not only captain of the local field hockey team (I played badly in the C-team), an excellent fencing master but also who had zillions of friends, might have helped.
But it is not only this. I simply feel attracted to things that are broken or thrown away. I cannot remember myself differently. My partner always scolds me because I tend to pick up things from the trash. I cannot help it.
I feel sorry for the embalmed animals, killed in their prime, stuffed as if time stood still for them and then, when out of fashion, abandoned and left to their tatty state. I find them on markets and second hand shops and I am not even looking for them. They just call out to me. They want to tell me their story. With Disney-fying them I do not only give them all the same faces (the human paradox again), I also give them a second −or better third- life. 

self portrait as a squirrel, 2002

disneyfication lV, 2004




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