I can feel very deep stories from your works, like fairy tale. Do you have certain story of each works? And do you make a story before making art works OR does the story complete when the artwork was finished?

And also, I think many people will reach the memory of childhood when they see your works, especially the series of "forgotten". Do you have any episodes in childhood that is something to do with the theme of "forgotten"?



It is not that I am depressed, far from that, but I can see the difficulties of life and how actually complex daily living is. This I weave into my work. The many things that surround us simply tell me their story. I only have to work it out a bit. I humanize the objects, the things, it. In this I am still a little boy.
Most of the time I start off quite happy but my art, my work always ends up like a somewhat slightly grizzly fairy tale. It is stronger than I am, really. It might be connected with the subjects and objects I am attracted to.
Telling stories might be partly cultural, partly from how I was brought up, but it is also something in me.
When I was a small boy, we, my siblings and I, had to narrate our daily adventures, big and small, via the figurines on our petit dejeuner plates. We did this in turns every evening during dinner. My sisters had ballerinas and deer, my brother gnomes and I had a pair of pigs. My pigs fell off the ladder, they ate ice cream and went to the zoo, just like I did. This might have been very formative J. I still like stories.
I grew up within the Northern European traditions of the Brothers Grimm. Disaster and chance lurking behind every tree. Scary wolves and enchanted houses. I think I feel somehow protected to see the world as one big enchanted forest.

animated movie HARDSHIP, 2004

The stories in my work do not really have a beginning, nor an end. Let's say they are just part of a bigger narrative. They tell the tale of being alone in a group and not necessarily being sad about this fact. They tell small subplots of the biggest story of all; life with its ally and counterpart death. As we say in my family; women create life, men play to learn how to die. So I play… and hopefully I learn.
I use −my- childhood as the base for this. Nostalgia and feeling 'Heimweh' for lost parts is something most of us can relate to. I could also have used other big Art themes like Sex and/or Religion for this. But since I am not a religious person and for sex, well…



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