When I see some of your works, such as Mickey Mouse Hat animals, I can feel your attitude to criticize something. If this is correct, what do you try to criticize?



I am not a very political person. I have my ideas about what is right and what is wrong but I normally do only express these thoughts in a subtle way.
The Mickey Mouse heads and hats relate to our eagerness to put on a mask, a face −and a very silly one indeed- or a hat just to belong to a group. Think of all the religious groups in the world; all have their own hats to make them different to the rest, but equal to themselves and their god(s).


Disneyfication, 2002

We like to forget about ourselves, sometimes even literary moulding ourselves into something we a clearly not. Of course it also makes a reference to the globalization of −popular- culture. Even to the Disney-fication of the world or Hello Kitty-fication of the world for that matters. But I am not convinced that is necessarily evil nor good. It just is. Cultures change, languages change. Not only geographically but also in time. But in the end people are basically the same all over the world. And I do not think that we are so much more sophisticated or developed than our 16 th century counterparts. We just live in another period, with fast communication and a high turn over. At least for some of us.




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