EVENT "STORIES FROM ABOVE" in Hiroshima 2014 "FROM ABOVE" in Hiroshimai 2014

WED. 6 AUG. 2014
@ Cafe Cheers Hiroshima

WED. 6 AUG. - SUN. 7 SEP. 2014
@ Cafe Cheers Hiroshima




text by Paule Saviano

From Above is a portrait project I began photographing during September 2008.  The idea was to meet and photograph atomic bomb and fire bombing survivors from cities destroyed during WW II.  I wanted to hear from people who experienced what happened and how they overcame such a horrific tragedy.
I approached the portraits as photographing the human spirit. The photographs display the dignity and perseverance of each person. Their stories of enduring a tragic experience will demonstrate the human spirit can prevail.
I've learned the suffering of war is an experience humans have to deal with throughout life.  Six decades have passed survivors are still demonstrating there isn't a singular way to deal with a tragic experience.  There are many paths the human spirit can overcome tragedy.
The spirit of my photographs is people and emotions.  In the history books there isn't a human face put on events.  There is minimal conversation about what happened to civilians after the bombings.
As time passes, stories fade away and become lost. These portraits are a way to preserve the stories for future generations.
From Above is an on going project. I continue to photograph rapidly because time is growing short. Each day survivors grow more fragile and their stories go silent as they pass away.